“As an educator for thirty years and an administrator for twenty-five of those years, I have worked with hundreds of teachers. Emmanuelle is among the best. She is a prime candidate to support the theory that teachers are born, not made.

As an instructor, Emmanuelle quickly assesses the needs of her students and devises a program that challenges them and holds their interest. She is creative in her lesson planning, mixing her teacher-centered activities with hands-on lessons that engage the students in a very active, meaningful way.

Students thrive in her classroom because she creates a culture that encourages them to grow intellectually while inviting them to develop a community where respect for themselves and their classmates is paramount.”

Gordon Sharafinski, Head of the Schools of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco

“What wonderful writing! And at such a young age. Their future kindergarten teachers will have to devise new challenges for these accomplished writers! I just have to say how nice it is to see the lovely life they lead at Ma Petite École.”


“These guys have better handwriting than I do.”


“The video of Luke reading is absolutely priceless, and the idea very thoughtful of you. Thank you.

He is so lucky to have you to push him in his skill development. He really loves school!”



“We are Duncan's grandparents. You do a terrific job and have done wonders for him. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS.”

Rog and Liz




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